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About us

The Reusable Face Cover Mission

As a small family-owned business in San Francisco CA, we put our team and our community safety first.

In order to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe & healthy we needed to find efficient, affordable and practical protection from harmful airborne particles. That is how the Reusable Face Cover was born!

About our product

The outer layer of Reusable Face Cover is made out of high quality 100% washable and durable material which combined with a valve system acts as the first line of defense against air pollution. Modern military-grade triple carbon filter technology inside the face covers, catches and destroys harmful particles, and keeps you protected from almost all airborne contaminants.

The firmness of Reusable Face Covers provides protection without constraining your breathing (or ruining your makeup!). Elastic ear loops and adjustable nose bridge, make our covers the best face protection solution that can accommodate each of your family members.  

Let’s stay alone together

During these challenging times we want to reach out and remind you that you are not alone, we are all in this together!

Our team is here for you, working hard on delivering high-quality face covers right to your front door!

Stay safe and put your mask on!

Yours truly,
Reusable Face Cover Team / Family :)