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Sick of Foggy Glasses When Wearing a Mask?

Masks are supposed to keep you safe, but if you wear glasses they can have you dealing with zero-visibility. Here’s the fix.

Masks have been a huge adjustment for everyone, but anyone who wears glasses knows that there’s a steamy side to most masks that almost always gets left out of the conversation.

Yes. I’m talking about foggy glasses.

Here’s why it happens: A mask prevents the water particles in your breath from traveling away from you by trapping all of that warm, wet air in your mask. But some of that air escapes up from the gap between your skin and the mask. 

So if you wear glasses, your mask is blasting them with a burst of condensation every time you breathe, resulting in fog. That’s because most masks aren’t designed with people who wear glasses in mind.

Since the whole point of glasses is to help you see more clearly… 

This is a huge problem with most masks.

But at the same time, wearing a mask when you leave your house is a necessity…

So what’s a glasses-wearing person to do?

What Doesn’t Work

As someone who wears glasses everyday, foggy glasses drove me so crazy that I started searching for solutions...

I looked for new glasses. (Way too expensive)

I tried breathing differently. (Turns out your body needs oxygen)

I started carrying around a handkerchief. (But I spent more time wiping my glasses than wearing them)

After coming up with no good answers, I did the last thing I knew how to do: I turned to the internet.

And as it turns out, I wasn’t the only one struggling to differentiate between tomatoes and apples at the grocery store.

In their quiet desperation to regain their vision, the people of the internet had come up with some crazy solutions:

“Rub toothpaste on your lens!” (Never mind that it damages your lens, leading to another hazy situation)

“Wear a band aid on your nose to keep the mask from moving!” (Which probably works for perfect people who never sweat)

“Put tissue in your mask to absorb the moisture!” (And experience the wetness of the rainforest if you wear a mask for an extended period of time…)

Finally, The Answer to Foggy Glasses

The reason I set out searching for a solution was because I wanted to wear a mask without all the frustration - replacing foggy glasses with a sticky nose or wet tissue on my face didn’t seem like a win.

So I went back to the beginning: the mask.

And I realized that if I just had a better mask (I’d been using one I got from a gas station for $4.97), I wouldn’t have to do anything crazy to be able to see again when dropping off groceries for my elderly parents.

And then I found this review. An entire hour without foggy glasses while breathing normally?! Sign me up.

They were designed specifically for people who wear glasses to prevent fogging and do so by using an adjustable wire to filter air out of the bottom of your mask instead of the top.

They also…

  • Make fog relief accessible to anyone old enough to wear glasses (no matter the size of their face) because they’re fully adjustable.
  • Pass the “Candle Test” while remaining comfortable due to high-quality natural cotton.
  • Include a multi-layer filtration system and easily replaceable carbon filters, meaning they last longer while keeping you and your family safer.

Reviews like this one don’t surprise me.

Needless to say, I picked up more than a few.

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